Shop 13, Rototuna Retail Centre, Cr Thomas Road and Horsham Downs Road, Hamilton
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Welcome To Our Infant And Toddler Room

We have a safe and nurturing learning environment that embrace all our children and whanau. We encourage children to grow through connections with others in the room and with our excellent teachers. During the early years, an infant's emotional and physical needs are the most important. These needs are respected by our experienced and passionate team in the room. We have excellent ratios to provide age-appropriate educational programmes during their time in the room.

  • All nappies included.
  • Fresh home-made meals made on site.
  • Nutritious baby snacks incorporated with routines from home.
  • Regular baking activites.
  • Full-size cot in the sleep room. Routines followed from home.
  • Online learning stories and daily journals.

Inside Play:

Our room is very well resourced and feels like a home from home. We value a play-based programme to encourage learning, explore new activities and participate in cultural events.

Summer Play:

Lots of outdoor play under a covered roof area or in our shaded area with a big sandpit. Sunscreen is applied twice per day. Sunhats are introduced and constantly encourage to be worn outside.

Winter Play:

We use our outdoor area in consideration with the weather. We encourage the use of beanies during this time. Dressing up still makes play outside possible.