Shop 13, Rototuna Retail Centre, Cr Thomas Road and Horsham Downs Road, Hamilton
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Welcome To Our Preschool Room

We offer a beautiful space where kids are busy making new friends and new discoveries each and every day. We merge nurturing care with quality education.
Our space has a layout with best teaching practice in mind and supervision is made easy. Our Te Whariki curriculum offers daily acts of play extending activities and provides for a diversity of ongoing learning opportunities.
Our team at Learn A Lot Childcare value close relationships with parents and whanau and you will receive regular updates on what your child has been up to in the centre, including verbal updates from our staff and online learning portfolios documenting on each child's learning successes.
Our room includes ages +30 months in one learning space as we believe this encourages children of different ages to learn from each other. It also means children don't have to transition through different classes as they grow.
The routines of the day is organised in such a way as to maximise a variety of learning experiences and to support individual styles of learning.
We have an open door for any visits during the day to come and have a look. No appointments needed.

The very best place for children to get moving and master their emerging physical skills is outdoors. It is outdoors that children can fully and freely experience motor skills like running, leaping and jumping.
Playing outdoors also helps children with cognitive, social and emotional development. It is here where children are more likely to invent games, they can express themselves and learn about the world their own way. They feel safe and in control, which promotes autonomy, decision making, and organisational skills.
From under the loving care & supervision provided by our teachers, everyone enjoys the outdoor environment and learning opportunities here at Learn A Lot Childcare.