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Transition To School

Children who settle into school easily are the ones who have attended a quality Early Learning Centre or Pre-School with a professional school readiness program, says new entrant teachers.
Our Learn A Lot school readiness program has been created by our experienced and qualified team. Special attention is given to not just word recognition, numeracy and vocabulary but also concentration, working in a group and routines.
While every child is different, by the time they leave Learn A Lot Childcare to go to school we would like them to have developed Early literacy and numeracy skills as follows:

  • Name recognition and writing.
  • Pencil grip, scissor cutting and glue stick use.
  • Alphabet recognition and letter sounds.
  • Counting and number recognition.
  • Matching one to one.
  • Whiteboard and markers/magnetic letters to create words.
  • Letter recognition games. My name begins with .....? Ben's name begins with ....?
  • Children's name to copy in their art.
  • Story listening and retelling and/or acting out.
  • Letter sound games.
  • Games with rules.
  • Letter/Number Hunts. Matching a letter or number written on their hand to one hidden somewhere in centre or outside.
  • Opposites board games.
  • Setting lunch tables - counting cups/plates etc.

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